The Willoughby Sub-Branch of the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women was formed in July 1945 and land was purchased in Crabbes Avenue, Willoughby around 1950. The first club building was officially opened on 30 April 1955 and the current club premises are now some 47 years old.

The Board of the Club believes that redevelopment of the site is essential and long overdue. 


The Willoughby Legion Ex-Services Club Limited was formed in 1958 and the current Club was opened in 1969.

The facilities were built a half-century ago, and the absence of any significant progressive upgrading has left the community with a Club that is dated and not in a position to satisfy the expectations of current and future membership.

A strategic plan was developed by the Club’s Board that proposed a development that utilises the club’s assets to add value to the local community while providing modern facilities to members and to preserve the heritage of the club.

Any final development plan will be subject to Council and possible State Government approval. In summary, the concept comprises a combination of a new club, retail premises and independent living residences tailored to the over-55 market. The site will have underground parking.

The Club intends to continue operations from its current premises during construction, with the intention on transferring operations to the new premises when they are completed.

Hyecorp Property Group has been selected as the development partner of Club Willoughby. Hyecorp is a well-known and reputable local building firm on the lower North Shore. More information about the company and their recent projects can be found at

Heart of Willoughby

The City of Willoughby has unique charm and character: a mix of the old and the ultra-modern, a significant commercial hub and the quiet leafy suburbs of Federation homes create a friendly and welcoming city with its own special history.

Sitting in the geographical heart of Willoughby is Club Willoughby, soon to be transformed to “the place to be” destination for the entire Willoughby community.

The Heart of Willoughby development promises to be the iconic focal point of a strong, connected and harmoniously integrated community; where the young and the elderly, new and old residents come together as one.

The “Heart of Willoughby” was a natural choice as the brand name for the development. It simultaneously encapsulates the geographical heart of the City of Willoughby and the heart of the Willoughby community.